Business Unit: Office of the Chancellor

To better serve global learners throughout its global network of campuses, Northeastern’s Office of the Registrar, Enrollment Management, and IT Services teams work to change and improve how the university stores, processes, and uses students’ demographic and personal information. This project will enable university enrollment systems to capture additional student demographic information and distribute this information to over 22 downstream Northeastern systems, adding specific details that may be required on a per-country basis. As a result of this project, the university will reduce the average pre-enrollment lifecycle from 10+ weeks to just two weeks, while also making the experience less U.S. centric and more user-friendly for global learners.


  • Kick-off: May 2021 
  • Delivery date: December 2021 

Status Update

The first phase of this project went live as of December 19, 2021. Funding and approval for a phase 2 of this work is being sought.