Business Unit: Information Technology Services

UPDATED: Dec. 12, 2022

Simplifying and automating the grouping of people can help members of the Northeastern community make connections more easily between people, places, and ideas. This project aims to help remove some of the barriers to fluid collaboration by launching a new group management tool, Grouper Access Management, and integrate it with existing services to help streamline user grouping. With an integration with the Canvas Learning Management System, Grouper will provide a simple and automated way to assign Canvas courses based on a person’s role, location, or other information. As a result of this project, Grouper will provide other opportunities to decentralize management of and automate group changes and access to other key university services and information, through potential integrations with services such as Microsoft Teams. 


Kick-off: September 2022

Targeted delivery date: TBD, expected 2023

Status Update

The project team is finalizing detailed requirements for the final development phases of this implementation. It is doing so with the assistance of Unicon, a leading Grouper vendor contracted by Northeastern to help execute the universitywide deployment of this capability. Following up on a previously completed Grouper Implementation Evaluation, the vendor is tasked to guide the university through planning, installation, configuration, migration, deployment, testing, and knowledge transfer.