Business Unit: Enrollment Management

Streamlining admissions application and enrollment processes is vital for the university to scale for the expected increase in student enrollment and to continue to innovate to offer unique and customizable programs. Through this project, Northeastern is implementing a single, modern enterprise admissions platform to replace the two different platforms serving the undergraduate and graduate programs, Admitware and ApplyYourself, respectively. Once this project is complete, Northeastern will have the ability to meet the expected doubling in graduate application volume within five years. Learners will also have the flexibility to apply to multiple programs across Northeastern’s global campus system.


  • Kick-off: March 2022 
  • Target delivery date: September 2022 

Status Update

As of March 2022, Northeastern has selected Technolutions’ Slate as the new enterprise admissions platform for both undergraduate and graduate admissions. Planning and implementation meetings have kicked-off.