ITS and its research computing team are ramping up its efforts to support the cutting-edge and use-inspired research that our community is engaged in. From more comprehensive training to enhanced support for analytics work, we’re rolling out new features and continuously looking to better understand your needs so that we can properly address them.

SAS Studio

Our most recent update to our services is the introduction of SAS Studio to our high performance computing environment, the Discovery computing cluster. This allows anybody with access to the Discovery cluster to run SAS Studio in their web browser so that you can jump right into your interactive, analytics jobs without needing to download any software. Backed by GPFS file systems and nodes, SAS Studio provides you with more computational resources than are available on a personal computer.

If you already have access to Discovery, access SAS Studio from virtually anywhere by pointing your web browser to the SAS Studio login page and logging in with your NUNET user ID and password. SAS Studio will connect you to one of the eight dedicated analytics nodes on Discovery. From there, you can access all of your Discovery files and transfer files to and from your personal device. For more details, visit our knowledge article.

For those who don’t already use Discovery, you can easily request access through the research computing service portal. Discovery is a valuable resource that Northeastern offers to all Northeastern researchers through its partnership with the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center.

The Supercloud

Northeastern researchers in Big Data and analytics now have an additional resource due to a new partnership between ITS and the MIT Supercloud. The Supercloud, a cloud computing service offered and supported by the MIT Lincoln Lab, is best served for interactive computing jobs as opposed to the mostly batch work computing conducted on Discovery. Visit the Supercloud website to learn more and to request access.

Research Computing Workshops

ITS offers research computing workshops to Northeastern faculty and researchers to better support the advancement of knowledge. These workshops provide training in topics ranging from the popular programming language Python to the high performance computing environment at Northeastern. Prior experience in these topics is not required for those interested in attending. All are welcome to join.

You can find the workshop descriptions, schedule, and registration on the ITS training registration site (Northeastern login is required). Keeping checking periodically for the latest schedule as the Research Computing team adds new workshops and sessions.

If you have any questions about research computing at Northeastern, reach out to us at