When you make an effort to correctly pronounce someone’s name, it lets them know they’re seen and respected as a valuable member of the Northeastern community. 

With the goal of creating a more inclusive campus community and classroom, Northeastern has rolled out Namecoach, a new name pronunciation tool. With Namecoach, students, faculty, and staff can voice-record their names for their peers to learn, practice, and remember. 

Namecoach is available in Canvas and can also be added to your Microsoft Outlook signature. Although you will only need to record your name once, you can re-record your name at any time. Faculty can also send Namecoach requests directly to students from Canvas. 

Get started with Namecoach 
To get started in Canvas, instructors need to add Namecoach to a course. Students in courses that have had Namecoach added can record the pronunciation of their name following these steps

For Outlook, install the Namecoach for Outlook add-in. Navigate to Tools in the application toolbar, search for Namecoach, and follow the steps to install the service on your Outlook account. Next, you can record your name or listen to other’s name recordings from your Inbox. 
Useful Resources 
For more information, review these Tech Knowledge Base articles: