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About Us


Information Technology Services (ITS) is the central provider of technology infrastructure, services and applications for more than 30,000 students, faculty and staff at Northeastern University.

From providing the myNortheastern portal to secure networks to training on critical applications, ITS partners with stakeholders across the university to equip students, faculty and staff with the tools necessary to achieve academic excellence.

The division serves as a technology partner with the university, evaluating and delivering innovative and collaborative solutions that promote and advance teaching, learning, research, and support for the Northeastern community.

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Strategic Priorities

Alignment with Northeastern 2025


Mobile-Digital-Cloud First

Build an organizational philosophical foundation in the support of the future of IT at the University as it relates to Northeastern 2025.


Delighting the Community

Be leaders in the delivery of services, transform the customer experience, and work to delight the community.


Operational Excellence

Enhance and grow a culture of operational excellence through leadership in the ongoing enhancement and deployment of enterprise solutions.


Teaching & Learning

Promote a world-class teaching and learning organization with technology that inspires faculty and students to achieve the educational vision set forth in Northeastern 2025.



Broadly and positively impact research activities that support Northeastern’s commitment to advancing knowledge.


Information Security

Work to enhance the University’s information security stance to ensure a safe and secure information environment.



Invest in the growth of IT professionals throughout Northeastern to place job and career satisfaction, development, and opportunity at the center of organizational decisions and design.



Expand our commitment to campus-wide engagement through the use of the web as a communication tool, within and outside of ITS, to more fully engage ITS staff, campus partners, and the broader University community.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Information Technology Services will deliver robust, reliable, and secure technology and services that enable and advance excellence in teaching, learning, research, and community engagement while aligning to Northeastern University’s 2025 vision.




Strategic Vision

Empower Northeastern to achieve excellence through technology.




Guiding Principles


The strategic vision for Information Technology Services (ITS) strategy operates under the following values:


  • Relationships: Build and value relationships. Good relationships foster successful and effective partnerships with key stakeholders internal and external to the Northeastern community.
  • Stewardship: Balance IT governance, project & service management while partnering with the Northeastern Community to achieve its goals.
  • Service: Provide excellent service by being agile, resilient and stable to ensure delivery of reliable, scalable solutions.
  • Change: Value and embrace the culture of rapid change.
  • Innovation: Enable creative and pragmatic leadership by providing flexible technology frameworks, services and tools.
  • People: Promote dignity, respect and lifelong learning, while providing empathy and support, both professionally and personally to all of the Northeastern community.

Our Impact

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