BlueJeans Now Features Remote Desktop Control

BlueJeans now allows Remote Desktop Control (RDC) for users during any video-conferencing session, making your virtual meetings that much better. RDC allows users to take better control of their meetings and the content displayed throughout it.

What is Remote Desktop Control?

The RDC feature allows one user to control another user’s desktop when both are active in the same meeting within the BlueJeans app. RDC also allows remote presenters to control content on a different machine.

NOTE: The RDC feature only works when using the BlueJeans app. This feature is not available when using BlueJeans in a web browser. Follow the link for information on how to download the BlueJeans app (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS).

Follow the steps below to use the RDC.

EXAMPLE: How Remote Desktop Control Works

The process to gain control through RDC is simple and easy. Follow the six simple steps in the example below and start taking control of your meetings in BlueJeans.

In the example, John Smith (the “Controller”) will take control of Bob Thomas’ (the “Controllee”) desktop:

  1. John clicks Bob’s name in the participants panel, then clicks “Request Desktop Control”
  2. John would click the “Request Desktop control from Bob Thomas’ mouse icon, if Bob was already sharing his screen.
  3. Bob receives a pop-up notification explaining that John is requesting control of Bob’s desktop. Bob clicks the blue button reading “Yes, Grant Control.”
  4. John now sees the green “You are now controlling Bob Thomas’ desktop” banner at the top. John now has remote control over Bob’s entire desktop.
  5. John would click the red “Stop Desktop Control” bar at the bottom, when he’s finished…
    • OR… Bob can also end John’s control, by clicking the red “Stop Desktop Control” banner shown at the top.

See the entire example explained in the graphic below.

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Have Questions or Want More Information?

For more information about RDC in BlueJeans, check out this short training video.

If you have any questions about BlueJeans or other ITS services, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or email

Updated September 2017