What information does DUO store?
DUO stores the username and information about your second factor, e.g. your phone number, or hardware token serial number. DUO does not know your password.

Does DUO Mobile app access other data on my smart phone?
DUO does not access any data on your smartphone, or from any application installed on your phone.

I don’t have a cell phone. Can I still use DUO 2FA?
You can use a landline phone, or a tablet device.

I don’t have a smart phone, landline phone, basic cell phone or tablet. Can I still authenticate using DUO 2FA?
If for some reason none of these options will work for you, please contact the ITS Service Desk to discuss alternative options.

Am I restricted on using one phone/device, or I can use multiple phone/devices?
No, you can register and use multiple devices. It is recommended to enable more than one device in case of any network or power related issues.

Which devices are supported?
DUO Mobile supported devices: iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile. Other Devices: Cell Phones & Landlines.

Which are users’ authentication options based on enrolled device?

Enrolled device Call ITS Service Desk
 Authentication Smartphone Tablet Basic cell phone Landline (617) 373 4357
Mobile push X X
Mobile passcode X X
Phone call X X X
SMS/Text message X X
Temporary passcode  No phone X

Can I change to a different phone number after I have registered my phone?
Yes, but you will need to reactivate DUO 2FA on the new device. Make sure to select the new phone type (if it is different e.g. changing from iPhone to Android) before reactivating.

What if I lose the phone, or my phone is stolen?
You should contact ITS Help Desk at 617 373 4357 to immediately disable the Duo account on the phone. You will be provided with a temporary bypass code to authenticate. ITS Service Desk will assist you to register another device. Before giving the bypass code ITS Service Desk will need to verify your identity.

What if a forget my phone at home?
It is advisable to have another device registered as a backup, such as office landline. If you don’t, please call ITS Help Desk to provide you with a bypass code. Before giving the bypass code ITS Service Desk will need to verify your identity.

What if I don’t want to install DUO Mobile app on my smartphone?
DUO Mobile app is only recommended by DUO when using “Send me a Push” as the authentication type, but it is not a requirement. During the enrollment process, upon login, you will have “Phone” and “Passcode” options available. “Send me a Push” will not be available.

If I use landline phone and leave the office for a couple of weeks, can I still use DUO 2FA?
Yes, through DUO Device Management it can be switched to another landline phone.

Can I use DUO 2FA in a location with poor cell and Wi-Fi coverage? What if Push or text/SMS is not working?
Your smart phone can generate a passcode every 30 seconds functioning like a token. In this case, you should open DUO Mobile app and tap on the key like button.
Can I use DUO 2FA abroad if I don’t have a phone data plan (roaming)?
If you have DUO Mobile installed and have Internet access through Wi-Fi, the push method will work. Alternatively, when you have no phone or Wi-Fi coverage, your smart phone can generate a passcode every 30 seconds functioning like a token. In this case, you should open DUO Mobile app and tap on the key like button.

Does DUO accept international phone numbers?
Yes, it accepts international phone numbers. When entering, an international number make sure to leave a space between country code, city code and the phone number.

If authenticated abroad, does it cost me money?
Yes, only for text or phone call authentication methods.

How long will my authentication last after I have connected to VPN?
It will last 8 hours. If you connect, for example, at 09:00 AM, it will disconnect at 05:00 PM.

How long does it take to re-enable authentication if I have provided a wrong username/password for
more than three times and I am locked out?
You will be locked out for 10 minutes and the Service Desk cannot bypass this. If you need further assistance to see why you cannot authenticate, please call the Service Desk.

How long are bypass codes available for use after they have been generated?
By default, the code must be used within 60 minutes and can only be used once.

How can I authenticate into VPN without sending a Push? (phone call/SMS/App generated code/etc.)
When entering in your password, use the following options:

  • “password,phone” This will call your phone for authentication
  • “password,######” ###### represents either a Bypass Code, code generated within the Duo Mobile App, SMS passcode.
  • “password,sms” This will send a text to your phone with a list of 1 time use codes to be entered in the manner listed above

Can I get a list of codes ahead of time?
When you want to send bypass codes to yourselves via text/SMS, open Duo Device Management webpage (mfareg.northeastern.edu), and click on Enter a passcode and after that click on Text me new codes. Please consider that they must be used in order, each starts numerically from number 1 up to 0. If you start from, for example passcode 4, the 3 prior codes cannot be used.

What to do if the DUO frame is blank or it doesn’t load?
First check DUO Security Status for any interruption of service. You can also verify that no Parental Controls or internet security apps are enabled or blocking connection to the Duo Servers.

What should I do if I am getting a security certificate error when trying to authenticate using DUO PUSH on iPhone?

First should check if PUSH notifications are enabled on the phone. To check if push notifications are enabled for Duo Mobile, and re-enable them if needed, follow these steps:

  1. On iPhone, open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Duo Mobile.
  3. Select Notifications.
  4. If “Allow Notifications” box is already checked, uncheck and then re-check it. If it was not yet checked, check it. Verify that notifications are configured how you want them.
  5. Fully close (double-tap home button and swipe up) Duo Mobile.
  6. Open Duo Mobile again.

What should I do if I am getting a security certificate error when trying to authenticate using DUO PUSH on one Android phone?

Pull-to-refresh works:
If manually checking works, then the issue is related to the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) push notification service and Duo Mobile registering for pushes correctly. This will often fix itself after you pull-to-refresh. Sometimes there are issues with GCM on the device, like out-of-date play services, that prevent the device from receiving push notifications properly, users should update Google Play Services if possible to alleviate this. If it’s an issue with the long-lived connection to GCM on the device, toggling Wi-Fi off and back on may fix the issue.

Clearing the Duo Mobile application cache can also resolve delivery issues.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Apps and scroll down to select Duo Mobile.
  3. On the App Info page, tap Clear Cache.

Pull-to-refresh does not work:
If pull-to-refresh does not work with a pending authentication, you may see an error message saying there was a problem and to talk to an admin. This likely happened because the keys we use to sign our requests to Duo Mobile have disappeared. This will cause push notification actions and responding to transactions in-app to no longer work. Passcodes generated by Duo Mobile will likely continue to work. You will need to re-activate Duo Mobile.