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Appcloud – FAQs

  • What if I lose internet or VPN connection while working in a remote application?
    The remote application instance will remain active for 30 minutes, during which time you can log back into AppCloud, re-open the application and pick up where you left off. If this time elapses, the session will close and any unsaved work will be lost.
  • Where can I save files when using AppCloud?
    Appcloud permits saving to any location you have access to, including your local computer’s hard drive, any connected USB storage devices, and Northeastern’s Sharepoint & OneDrive cloud storage sites. ITS recommends saving your files on your local machine as the virtual desktop is frequently reinstated to the original configuration which will delete any files you may have saved to that desktop.
  • How long can I leave an AppCloud session idle before it times out?
    Idle sessions will close themselves after 2 hours of inactivity. Be sure to save your work before leaving your computer.
  • Can I save files to the desktop or the My Documents folder?
    Windows 10 virtual machine accessible through Appcloud will rebuild itself at logoff. To prevent losing any files saved to either the Desktop or My Documents folder, files you save are on a network storage location linked to your account. This network storage site is purged at the end of Spring term. For longer-term file storage, you should use an external device or cloud-based storage such as OneDrive.
  • What if I forget my custom password?
    If you forget your passcode, you must uninstall and reinstall the Workspot application. You will need to re-activate your account, and following that, can create a new custom passcode. No files will be removed from the virtual desktop as part of this process because they are all stored on a network server location until the end of every Spring term when they are purged.