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As an advisor, I’m more comfortable using Outlook to manage my appointments; do I need to use

All users must have a license to use the Appointment Calendar, but the tool was designed for users to choose whether they wanted to primarily use Outlook or based on their personal preferences. Your calendar profile is only accessible from within, but once set up, you can choose to only use Outlook going forward. However, we do think you might find value in the additional information that you can obtain from – it’s up to you!

I’m a Mac user, what options do I have for using the Appointment Calendar?

Mac users have two options – Outlook 2011, or using exclusively.

As an advisor, how far out can students see my availability?

Students can view the next three weeks of availability for advisors who use the Appointment Calendar. If you have the same availability every week for student appointments and walk-ins, you are free to set up recurring meetings within Outlook and they will display within the three week window.

As a student, my advisor doesn’t look like they have any availability. Why?

Your advisor may be fully booked and look like they don’t have any blocks of time scheduled for appointments. Be sure to check the following week(s) to see if there are any open slots. You can contact your advisor using their email address listed in the application for questions about scheduling.

My advisor isn’t listed in my calendar shortcuts, and I can’t find them using the filters provided. Help!

Currently, not all colleges use the Appointment Calendar. Please ask your advisor if they are a user and you can’t locate their calendar in the tool.

Can students book same-day appointments or view an advisor’s availability for today?

No, students cannot book a same-day appointment. In fact, scheduling closes after 5pm the day prior. For example, at 7 p.m. on Monday, students will be able to book appointments on Wednesday, but not on Tuesday. As a result, open appointments past the deadline are not viewable from the student application unless categorized as walk-in appointment blocks.