This page will soon be retired.

For answers to your tech questions, please search the knowledge base on the ITS service portal.

I got my classroom assignment. How do I know what technology is in that room?
You can see your classroom and what is available by finding it on the View the Classroom site.

I was assigned a room with a lot of technology. How can I learn to use it effectively?

  • Go to the View the Classroom site and find your assigned room to get a link to the PDF instructions for that classroom type.
  • There are also quick-start guides on the Academic Technology Services (ATS) site for the most common teaching technology.
  • For more hands-on guidance, ATS offers a beta classroom space that helps faculty get familiar with the lectern, and also offers training in lecture capture and web conferencing software. Contact for more information.

I’m in the middle of teaching a class and I’m having a problem with the technology (i.e., something is broken or not responding, the technology closet is locked, etc.). What do I do?
Call the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP).

How do I report non-technical issues in the classroom (i.e., broken light switch, new light bulb needed, need chalk or markers, etc.)?
Submit a work order to Facilities through the myNortheastern portal. Follow the work order process outlined here.

I want to record my class. What is available?
Tegrity lecture capture is installed on classrooms that have a Northeastern-managed Windows computer. See the Tegrity page on the Academic Technology Services site for more information regarding this service. Please contact ATS for training and support on lecture. NOTE: There are disclosure requirements when recording students. Refer to the ATS website for more information on what steps you must take. ATS also has best practices that provide ideas for and examples of lecture capture.

Can I use something other than Tegrity to record my class?
Yes. ITS cannot guarantee support for any recording product other than Tegrity, but if you have recorded your lectures or content with another tool, you may contact ATS for potential post-production support.

I would like to use a certain technology in my curriculum (either in or out of the classroom). How can I find out if it is available? And if it’s not, how can I get it?
Visit the ATS teaching technology page to see if it is something currently supported. If it’s not, contact to collaborate with staff member to make that technology available.