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For answers to your tech questions, please search the knowledge base on the ITS service portal.

Who can borrow equipment?
Only students, faculty, and staff are allowed to borrow equipment from the Help & Information Desk within Snell Library.

What equipment is available for me to use in my classroom?
There is audio-visual presentation equipment available for check out from the ITS Service Desk. This equipment – including portable items such as digital video cameras, LCD projectors, microphones and laptops – is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be requested at least two business days in advance. To request such equipment, log in to the ServiceNow portal and submit a Audio-Visual Equipment Request.

What is the loan period for borrowed equipment?
Loans are for 24 hours with no renewals. There is no grace period. Renewals are not allowed.

What is the equipment check out process?
Similar to checking out a Library book, a Husky Card needs to be presented by the borrower when checking out or returning an item. Your card will be scanned and you will be provided with a sheet outlining the checkout terms. An email will be sent confirming the items you have borrowed.

How and where should equipment be returned?
All equipment must be returned by the person who borrowed it at the Help and Information Desk on the 1st floor of the Snell Library to an ITS Staff member. At the time of return the borrower must present their HuskyCard. You may request an email return receipt so you have confirmation of what equipment has been successfully checked in.

Can another person return items on the borrower’s behalf?
No. Borrowers need to present their Husky Card to confirm that the correct item is being returned and noted on the correct account.

Is there a limit to the amount of equipment one can borrow?
Students can borrow only one type of item at one time. Faculty can request multiple items from the Service Catalog in ServiceNow. Please keep in mind that all items will need to be returned within 24 hours.

What if an item is returned late?
Items returned after the 24 hour loan period are subject to the daily late fee (see the fee chart on the Equipment Checkout service page). The late fee is assessed the second the item is due and again at 12 a.m. every day the item is not returned.

What if an item is returned damaged?
Borrowers will be billed for any equipment damage, up to, and including, the replacement cost of the items.

How will I know if I have overdue/lost items? 
An email notification is sent as soon as an item is overdue, and additional notices are sent for every date the item is late. The daily late fee will begin accruing as soon as the item is overdue and again at 12 a.m. every day the item is not returned. You may also check your library account, which will note which items you have checked out. A warning email will be sent when an item is about to become marked as lost. A final email will be sent once that item has been officially recorded as lost.

What if an item is not returned?
Borrowers will be billed for the replacement cost for the item after 7 days, in addition to any late fees that were accrued prior to the item being marked as lost. Note that the replacement cost for an item can range from $50 to $1,500. For a full list of fees please see the chart on the Equipment Checkout service page.

What happens if pieces are missing (say a power adapter)?
All items are individually bar-coded and will continue to be marked as overdue or lost until they are returned. Each item carries its own loan policy and will be treated separately. If a borrower returns a laptop but not the power adapter, they will be responsible for the power adapter and overdue fees that will occur until it is returned.

In the past, faculty could pre-reserve or have reoccurring renewals for classes (e.g. a laptop every Wed at 8 a.m.). Is this still possible?
This process will not change, however ITS uses ServiceNow to track term booking and reserves. Faculty/staff will need to log in to the ServiceNow portal and submit an Audio-Visual Equipment Request. Submitting a request does not guarantee the availability of equipment; only a confirmation email stating that the request has been approved will guarantee that the equipment is available. The item will then be checked out using the Library’s system.