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What is NURes-device?
It is the unsecured wireless network in university-owned residence halls that is specifically in place for certain types of devices. It provides wireless Internet access for devices that do not support 802.1x, such as Xbox, Roku and more, and so cannot connect to NUwave. It is not intended for, nor will it support, any higher-level device, laptop or computer.

Where is NURes-device available?
It is available in all university-owned residence halls to students who live in those buildings.

Why can’t I just connect all my device(s) to NUwave?
While some devices can connect to the secure NUwave wireless network, those listed below do not support 802.1x, and so cannot. 

My device isn’t only wireless – can I just connect it to ResNet?
Yes, if any of your devices have a wired network port, we do recommend that you register it and connect it to ResNet, the secure, high-speed network in all university-owned residence halls. Most devices can be registered with both networks – the only exception is the Roku 3 (see list below).

What devices can use NURes-device?
The current list of devices that work on the network are:

  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Apple TV
  • Roku 1/2/3 – A Roku 3 cannot be simultaneously registered on ResNet
  • Chromebook – DHCP must be disabled
  • Most Kindles – Kindle Paperwhite requires that DHCP be disabled
  • Most smart TVs – Amazon Fire TVs; Visio Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

To see the full list, including other devices that sometimes work and ones that are known to not work on the network, click here.

Please note that ITS does not support wireless printing.

How do I connect my device(s) to it?
Students must annually register with ResNet each device they wish to use. To register your device(s), follow the directions in How To: Register a device for the NURes-device wireless network.

What if I have trouble registering or connecting?
If you have a question about or need assistance connecting to NURes-device, visit the ResNet Resource Center at 4 Speare Commons during posted hours, or contact them at For 24/7 questions or issues with NURes-device or NUwave, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email or initiate a chat session.

What does it mean that NURes-device is an unsecured network?
It means that the wireless network is not encrypted. If you would like to use an encrypted network, ITS recommends registering your device for ResNet, if it supports Ethernet connectivity, and using it on the secure, wired network.