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For answers to your tech questions, please search the knowledge base on the ITS service portal.

Can I use the $120 annual credit from the Northeastern Printing Plan at the plotters?
The plotters are not part of the Northeastern Printing Plan. Plotting costs will be directly deducted from your Husky Dollar balance. Funds added through myNortheastern via NUPay will be available in 24 hours. Funds added from the Student Accounts Office in Richards Hall are available immediately.

Can I use another file format other than PDF?
PDF is the only file format that is supported.

Can I download and install the print queues on my own computer?
The print queues for the plotters are not available for personal computers. The Quick Print station in 138B Snell Library is the only computer that can send jobs to the plotters.

Can I plot documents that are greater than 36”?
Yes, but one of the dimensions does have to be 36” or less.

What happens if I try to print a document that is larger than 36”?
The plotter will attempt to scale the image to fit on the 36” roll of paper. This may result in less detail in your plot. Results will vary depending on the project.

What kind of paper do the plotters use? Can I plot my project on glossy paper?
Both of the plotters use plain-bond paper. The plotters are not equipped with glossy paper at this time.

How should I bring my project to the plotter room?
We suggest copying your project to a USB flash drive before visiting the plotter room. However, you can also use a cloud-based storage service, or email the file to yourself. If you use this method, please be sure to log out of your account in the browser after you download your file.

What happens if there is a plotter jam, error, or poor quality output on my plot?
There will be a staff member in the plotter room during the hours it is open. The staff member will help address issues with print quality, reprint jobs as necessary, and submit requests for refunds.

I am interested in being a plotter room monitor. How do I apply for a job?
Please see the Student Employment section on the myNortheastern portal for job postings within ITS.