This page will soon be retired.

For answers to your tech questions, please search the knowledge base on the ITS service portal.

What is ServiceNow?
ServiceNow is a self-service portal for the Northeastern community to primarily interact with ITS. You can report issues and problems with ITS-provided services or equipment. You may also submit requests for existing or new services.

I can report service problems through ServiceNow? 
Yes, you can report problems through the portal, however we recommend using the portal for issues that are not critical. The ServiceNow portal allows you to fill out a form that directs you to provide the type of information that ITS needs to solve the issue.

Does ServiceNow replace the ITS Service Desk?
No. The portal compliments the ITS Service Desk. However if you have a problem that needs an immediate solution, please call 617.373.4357 (xHELP) to speak with a Service Desk technician.

How do I know what kinds of services I can request, or problems I can report?
Both requests and issues have “home” pages where all of the options are listed. Check out Submit a Request and Report an Issue.

Can I go directly to specific requests or issues?
The portal allows you to find specific requests or issues in multiple ways, including through the menus and the search function. See the How To’s for more information. Within the service pages on the ITS website we have added direct links to the corresponding service request forms within ServiceNow.

What do I do if I don’t see the request or issue I need?
There are general forms for “other” requests and issues. Anything you submit or report through those forms will go through the same process as filling out a specific request or issue form. See the How To’s for more.

What if I just have a question?
The ServiceNow portal is also home to the self-service Knowledge Base. You can get to it through the menu or under “Related Links” on request and issue section pages. See How To: Access and use the Northeastern ITS Knowledge Base for more.

I’m supposed to provide support through ServiceNow. How do I get started with that version of the site?
ITS staff and functional support groups who update and close ServiceNow tickets can sign in to the support version of the site at ServiceNow – Classic UI. To request ServiceNow ITIL access, submit a service request for ServiceNow ITIL Access.