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What are the permitted uses of a Sponsored Accounts?
Sponsored Accounts may be used for the conduct of university-related academic and administrative work by persons having a temporary or variable association with the university.

Who may approve Sponsored Account requests?
Only benefits-eligible employees may approve Sponsored Account forms. A sponsor must be in a supervisory role with respect to the sponsored person.

How long does a Sponsored Account last?
Most Sponsored Accounts are assigned lengths of service appropriate to their role and institutional responsibilities. Regulatory requirements state that information access must be limited to the minimum duration required for an individual to fulfill the responsibilities of their official role. Before the length of service is exceeded, the Sponsored Account may be renewed at the discretion of the Sponsor.

What is the renewal interval for contractor/consultants?
Sponsored Accounts for contractors and consultants may be set to last the full duration of their contract. To use this feature, specify the date of contract renewal or expiration on the online sponsored account form beside the role labeled “Contractor/Consultant.” Supervisors must immediately update the end date on the online sponsored account form in the case of early termination of contract.

Be aware that contract expiration or renewal dates are subject to audit and verification. Sponsored Accounts may be renewed for up to one academic year, provided the sponsored individual remains associated with the university, and provided the sponsor renews the account prior to expiration. Renewal of Sponsored Accounts beyond one academic year may require additional approvals. When additional approvals are required, sponsors will be notified prior to expiration of the Sponsored Account.