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Where do I download the Office applications through Office 365?
myNortheastern > Self-Service > Microsoft Student Advantage section

This provides a link to the Office 365 portal where you can download the latest version of Microsoft Office for your computer (the Microsoft portal auto-detects your operating system).

See the How To’s for detailed download and installation instructions.

What do I get through Office 365 ProPlus?
You get the latest version of Microsoft’s Office suite, and the Office mobile apps. This currently means:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.9 (Mavericks) – Office 2011 for Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) – Office 2016 for Mac
  • Windows – Office 2013
  • iOS – Office Mobile for iPhone; Office mobile apps for iPad
  • Android – Office mobile apps
  • All – OneDrive for Business

I’m on Mac and I already have a version of Office 2011. Will that get overwritten by the Office 2016 from Office 365?
No, they will run side-by-side. Your purchased Office 2011 for Mac is separate from the Office 2016 for Mac made available through your Office 365 license.

I’m on Windows and I already have a version of Office 2010 on my computer. Will the Office 365 version of Office 2013 overwrite that?
No, they will run side-by-side. Your purchased Office 2010 is separate from the Office 2013 made available through your Office 365 license.

Can I use Office 365 on my smartphone/tablet?
You can use your Office 365 credentials to access your account through the Office mobile apps. See How To: Download and install the Office 365 mobile apps.

Do I have access to OneDrive?
OneDrive for Business access comes with your Northeastern license. Please note that OneDrive for Business is different than OneDrive.

If you have installed Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2016 for Mac on a personal computer, you can sign in to Word, Excel or PowerPoint with your Office 365 credentials to access OneDrive for Business directly through each application. See How To: Open and Save files to OneDrive in Office 2013 or How To: Open and Save files to One Drive in Office 2016 for Mac.

The Office 365 web portal also provides access to OneDrive for Business on all Windows and Mac computers. And you can access it through the mobile apps on iOS devices. See the OneDrive for Business page for details.

Office came with Outlook and Lync, but I can’t sign in. What’s wrong?
While students are provided with Outlook, your only Northeastern email is your Gmail email account. You have the ability to set up your Husky Mail in Outlook if you want, in the same way you can set up your Husky Mail on a mobile device.

Lync is part of most Office 365 ProPlus versions of the Office suite, but service is not available through Northeastern for students.

I purchased Office already – can I switch to using the free Office 365 version and get reimbursed?
No. You purchased a consumer version of Office – the free version is available through Northeastern’s enterprise license. However, the copy your purchased is yours, which means you keep it after you leave the university.

When do I lose access to Office 365?
Your Northeastern access to Office 365 is tied to active student status, so that access ends one (1) year after you have left the university, whether you have graduated or withdrawn.

If my access ends when I leave Northeastern, how can I still edit Microsoft documents?
When you leave Northeastern, Microsoft will reach out to you with options for purchasing your own Office 365 license – if you choose to do so, you will maintain full access to the copy of Office you downloaded while you were a student, along with any online applications. Or you may purchase a standalone version of Office.

What’s different in Office 2013 vs Office 2010 other than how it looks?
Overall, if you’re used to Office 2010, Office 2013 will work the same way; no features have been removed. But there are some new features, and your Office 365 connection (if you choose to sign in to the Office 2013 applications) provides access to more online.

I’ve heard Office 2016 is a big update, what’s different vs Office 2011?
The overall look and feel of the main Office 2016 for Mac applications (other than Outlook) matches Office 2013 products, bringing it more in line with the Windows, mobile and web-based experience of these applications. If you have been using Office on these other platforms, the experience will be very similar. Like Office 2013 and other Office 365 products, Office 2016 for Mac can be cloud-connected. This new version is intended to pair with the web-based and mobile applications, allowing for seamless document editing on any computer or device. For more, check out the Microsoft training and quick guides.

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