The printing directions below can only be executed from the Quick Print computer in the plotter printer room (138B Snell Library).

When printing projects at a custom or larger paper size, such as ARCH E (36″x48″), you will need to manually change your paper size as described below. If your project will be using the default paper size, ARCH D (24″x36″), see How To: Print a standard-size project to the ITS plotter printers.

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When printing to the two ITS large-format plotter printers found in 138B Snell Library it works best if your project is exported as a PDF.

Once you are in 138B Snell Library, go to the Quick Print computer. Load your PDF and open it in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro.

Click File > Print to open up the print menu, and the four plotter queues will show up under the Printer pulldown. Each queue controls the color and quality settings for the plot.

To change the paper size to your custom size, click the “Properties” button to the right of the printer pulldown menu.


In the new window that opens, make sure the Paper/Quality tab is selected. Under the Paper Options section, click the Document size pulldown menu for a list of some common paper sizes that you can choose from.


The “oversize” document size, ARCH E, will provide a 36”x48” printout.

Once you have selected the paper size you want to use, confirm that the Document size lists the correct dimensions for your project.

If you wish to use a custom size, click the Custom button underneath the Document size pulldown menu in the main Paper/Quality window.


A new window will open where you can enter a custom paper size. Please keep in mind that the plotters are loaded with 36″ wide rolls of plain bond paper, so format the plot size and orientation accordingly. Prints out should generally be set to actual size and auto portrait/landscape. The plotter print room monitor can assist with the print out formatting.


Click Print.