For Windows users, there are two options for adding (whitelist) single senders or entire domains to the Office 365 junk mail safe senders list.

These same options will allow you to block (blacklist) senders.

Outlook client

In either Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, right-click on an email from the sender who you wish to add. In the menu that comes up, select Junk and hover to get the sub-menu. (click to enlarge image)

junk 2010

If you only want to add that single sender to your safe senders list, choose “Never Block Sender.”

  • Example – Sender:

If you want to add all email from that domain to your safe senders list, choose “Never Block Sender’s Domain (”

  • Example – Domain:

Outlook Web App (OWA)

In OWA (, go to the gears icon in the upper right to pull down the settings menu.

Choose “Options,” and then “block and allow” from the menu on the right.

You will need to manually enter the single sender(s) or domain(s) you wish to add to your safe senders list. (click to enlarge image)

junk owa

  • Example – Sender:
  • Example – Domain:

If you choose, you may also check the box to automatically trust anyone in your personal Outlook contacts (people you email regularly).