Northeastern has moved from using the Cisco AnyConnect remote virtual private network (VPN) to the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN. You must use the GlobalProtect VPN to be able to connect to secure Northeastern resources when not on a Northeastern network.

Before installing GlobalProtect on an ITS-managed computer, or an unmanaged or personal computer, it is highly recommended that you uninstall the Cisco VPN by following the instructions below.

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Be sure to completely close and exit out of the Cisco AnyConnect client before starting.

On Windows 7, go to Start > Control Panel.

On Windows 8.x, go to the Start screen and start typing “Control Panel” to search (if you do not have it pinned).

In the Control Panel, make sure you have the view set to Large or Small Icons, and select Programs and Features.

cisco uninstall win 01

Wait for the list of programs to populate, and then select Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

cisco uninstall win 02

Once that program is selected, an Uninstall option will appear above the list. Click Uninstall.

cisco uninstall win 03

A window will appear to ask if you are sure. Click Yes.

cisco uninstall win 04

Once the uninstall process is done, the Cisco client will no longer be on the list. Close the control panel, and you are done.

cisco uninstall win 05