Never Miss Your Show! 20 Hours of cDVR Storage FREE with HuskyCableplus!

20 hours of Friends, Game of Thrones — or whatever floats your boat!


Service Update Alert!
ITS is excited to announce that all residential students now have access to 20 hours of FREE DVR storage to the HuskyCableplus service! The cloud-based DVR (cDVR) is part of Comcast’s Xfinity On Campus suite of offerings and is now available to our residential student community. This storage is in addition to HD programming and access to over 200 channels via IPTV.

You can access cDVR from your Xfinity Stream app using your Northeastern credentials. You will have the ability to record your favorite shows and play them back. You’re now able to stream and download your recorded DVR programs to any internet-connected device. When you are at home, turn any mobile device into a television. Or you may load up the Xfinity Stream app on your phone or tablet, tap over to your list of DVR recordings and start streaming any content straight to your device.

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Northeastern University’s IPTV service is provided through a partnership with Comcast and delivered through the XFINITY On Campus portal. 

For more information, check out HuskyCable HDplus


Updated March 2017