Northeastern faculty and staff members have access to more than 4,000 FREE online-based training videos through

Because of its breadth and accessibility, is an incredible resource to enhance learning outside of the classroom or to acquire new skills.’s video training platform is simple, informative, and easy to use. Because you can start, pause and continue on with your learning anytime or anywhere, you can learn at your own pace. Lynda also allows users to create and share learning playlists, which could be a perfect supplement to assigned reading or projects on your syllabus.

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Faculty and staff have access to advanced training on a variety of subjects ranging from Microsoft Office 365 Training to WordPress. Faculty can also find teaching tools like Prezi and Google Classroom.

Office Training Tools

Office 365 for Educators

Excel 2016 Essential Training

Professional Development

Monday Productivity Pointers

Building Trust with Colleagues

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Weekly Series

Sometimes, you need training and tutorial in smaller doses than full-length courses. For this, offers shorter, weekly series with tips and tricks for professional development. These series are great if you’re short on time. Lynda’s weekly series includes tutorials in Excel, communication, management, marketing and more.

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Faculty and staff can take advantage of any of these free training tools, so long as you work at Northeastern University. Access these great training tools by visiting or from the link on myNortheastern.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn new skills, expand your horizons, or implement great new teaching tools into your classroom!