Office of the CIO Executive Dashboard

IT Services (ITS), centrally organized under the University’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), oversees a broad portfolio of services, strategic projects, and institution-wide initiatives, each supporting the mission of Northeastern University. ITS, in conjunction with IT and business partners throughout the University, is responsible for the planning and operations of many of Northeastern’s largest and most widely utilized IT systems and services.

This dashboard provides a view into key metrics from ITS’ portfolio, including for such areas as IT Rationalization; security; infrastructure, networking, and communications; research; teaching and learning; and customer service and support.

Metrics are updated during the first week of every month throughout the calendar year.

Unless otherwise noted, the metrics highlighted below are current as of October 1, 2018.

Research Computing

Active High Performance Cluster Users

Cores Online or Total Cores Online

Information Security

Users Enrolled in Two-Factor Authentication

Emails Blocked by ATP from Malicious Content

Phishing Emails Reported

IT Infrastructure

Enterprise Hardware Availability (Jan 2019)

  • Network 100%
  • Voice and Teleconference 100%

Visit the ITS status page, for enterprise system and service status and availability information.

Networking & Communications

Networked Devices

Wifi Access Points

Petabytes of Data Moved

Networked Devices Breakdown

  • Wired (19,245) 27%
  • Wireless (161,356) 73%

Telephone Devices

BlueJeans Conferences

  • VoIP (100) 1%
  • PBX (7,700) 81%
  • Cellular (1,151) 18%

BlueJeans Conference Participants

Teaching & Learning

Active Lynda Users (Logged in During Month)

Lynda Videos Watched (Last Month)

ITS-Supported Classrooms

Course Sites in Blackboard

Students in Active Blackboard Sections

Faculty in Active Blackboard Sections

Collaboration & Sharing

Terabytes Stored on OneDrive (July)

Files Stored on OneDrive (July)

Northeastern OneDrive Accounts (July)

Customer Service & Support

Tickets Opened (Jan 2019)

Tickets Resolved (Jan 2019)

  • Tickets Opened via Email (2,659) 40%
  • Tickets Opened via Phone (3,494) 53%
  • Tickets Opened Via Self-Service (195) 3%
  • Tickets Opened Via Chat (289) 4%