Grab a brightly colored adirondack chair and use your laptop or tablet in many more outdoor spaces across campus! ITS has been working hard this summer to install additional outdoor wireless access points across campus, expanding on the work done during the first phase of the residential wireless project in the courtyard areas of Speare, Stetson West, Stetson East, White and West Village (A, B, C).

The new major outdoor spaces covered include:

  • Cabot Court
  • Centennial Common
  • Freshman quad
  • Krentzman quad
  • Snell quad (and the area behind the Curry Student Center)
  • Robinson quad (Mugar/Hurtig/Robinson/the Curry Student Center)
  • Between Churchill & Cabot Center
  • Between Ell and Hayden
  • Between East Village and Mugar
  • Between West Village G and H
  • In front of West Village E
  • Between International Village and Ruggles Station

This extensive outdoor wireless expansion was made possible due to significant cost savings during the two-year Residential Wireless Expansion project, a joint collaboration between ITS and the Department of Housing & Residential Life (part of EMSA). The project team’s cost savings was reinvested back into the Northeastern community and used to bring NUwave coverage to all outdoor community spaces. The overall project was delivered on time and under budget.

Example of an external wireless access point on the exterior of West Village G

External wireless access point on the exterior of West Village G, with close up view.

The map below shows in green and teal the areas that are officially covered by NUwave. The strength of your signal will vary based on your proximity to the wireless access points. You may be able to see NUwave being broadcast outside of the green and teal areas below, but these spaces are not considered official coverage areas. The signal may be weaker in these areas because there is too much distance between your device and the access point. NUwave Coverage MapNOTE: Click to enlarge the image.

ITS has tested the main outdoor coverage areas for signal strength. If the signal strength is low and you believe the area should be fully covered by NUwave, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or Be sure to include the physical location where you are experiencing the issue.