Northeastern is taking greater steps to ensure all of our faculty, staff and students are even better protected when accessing your university accounts online.

Over the next few months, the university will be rolling out a new online security feature called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This service is intended to better protect you and your personal information. This means that when you log in to certain university accounts, you will be required to confirm your identity by a separate method, typically through a text, phone call or mobile application, in order to gain access.

This additional identification step will significantly reduce the impact of compromised accounts, as access will require a unique device and/or PIN.

Northeastern, in collaboration with our service provider, Duo Security, will roll this new service out in stages. This process will begin over the summer with our highest-risk areas, including the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and server logins, and continue into the fall semester with integration into administrative suites, such as Banner INB, and other services.

MFA will eventually be offered to all university faculty, staff and students for all account types, giving each member of the university an option to increase the security of their personal information.

More information about MFA and how to use it will be made available as the feature is implemented into specific university services.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact the ITS Service Desk at or 617.373.4357 (xHELP).

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