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BlueJeans allows users to conference via the web, and recording is enabled. It is the responsibility of the moderator to ensure that video recordings created under BlueJeans are in compliance with local, federal, and international privacy, wiretapping and copyright laws (e.g. Canada and Europe).

Whether used for business or educational use, moderators should notify participants in advance that the session is going to be taped. Moderators should also notify participants at the beginning of the recording that they are being recorded. Participants will also be notified that they are being recorded by the “Session is being recorded” text shown at the top of the screen and an audio notification that alerts “session is being recorded.”

Moderators should let participants know that if they do not wish to be recorded, participants in co-located sessions should not ask questions during the taping and they should sit in seats that are outside of the camera’s view. Faculty who wish to utilize recording in the classroom should provide a written notice of the above information in the syllabus and a verbal notice at the beginning of each recorded session. The moderator should take care when switching cameras that they are only showing participants who have consented to being recorded. Participants connecting into a BlueJeans session via the web should turn off the cameras and microphones on their computers if they do not wish to be recorded.

Participants who would like a recording deleted or modified should request that the moderator of the session delete or modify the video. If the moderator does not agree to delete the video, and the moderator does not have an initial waiver of rights to appear in the audio or video recording, BlueJeans administrators may delete the video, dependent on circumstances.

If a researcher is recording any human subjects, this should be approved by the Institutional Review Board and the form of written consent to be obtained by the researcher from the subject also needs to be approved by the IRB.

Users considering recording sensitive information (including patented or copyrighted material) should keep in mind that links created in BlueJeans may be shared with anyone in the university, and depending on the settings the user chooses, anyone in the world. BlueJeans is not considered a secure solution for the storage of videos that contain sensitive information. Users who wish to record sensitive information are encouraged to use platforms with more fine grained permissions settings if they would like to share recordings.

Recordings will be kept in the BlueJeans service for one year. Bluejeans is not recommended as a long-term storage location. Videos that you wish to store for longer should be downloaded and saved in another location: locally on your computer, Tegrity if you plan to share them, or in some other location depending on the video. Sensitive information should not be recorded.

As recordings are hosted by a university vendor, moderators should not store non-Northeastern related content in recordings.

If you have questions about the BlueJeans service, please email