BlueJeans Video Collaboration With Recording – Coming Soon!

BlueJeans LogoYou might already be using BlueJeans video conferencing for meetings and classes, but did you know that BlueJeans will soon have RECORDING capabilities? Beginning in February 2017, you will be able to record a BlueJeans session, store the recording, and share it with others. Recording a session for future needs will support efficient, effective and consistent learning and meeting outcomes.

BlueJeans allows faculty and students to share knowledge with our global partnerships and learning communities next door and across the world. Whether you want to share in global learning or you just don’t want to hike across campus in a snowstorm, BlueJeans will connect you to where you want to be. BlueJeans allows you to:

  • Meet and share content using an in-room conferencing system
  • Collaborate via both audio and video with students and colleagues with cloud-based technology
  • Participate in classes on or off-campus
  • Share on any device (Windows or Mac desktop or laptop browser, or an iOS or Android mobile device)
  • NEW in February! Record sessions for those attendees that cannot make a class or meeting session.

Please note that there will be some guidelines and restrictions to recording your session. Once the recording option is live, when you sign in as a BlueJeans moderator, you will see a page outlining the guidelines for recording recognizable people to guarantee they are both aware of the recording and agree to participate.

First Time in BlueJeans?
Are you new to BlueJeans or would you like live training? Go to Northeastern’s BlueJeans info page.

Need help?
Contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or

Updated January 2017