Migration Schedule

Migration Schedule last updated 8/13/2018

Partition new name # nodes migration start date
ser-par-10g-4 default 184 8/20-21/2018
par-gpu-2 gpu 16 22-Aug
ser-par-10g-3 default 48 23-Aug
ser-par-10g-2 default 30 23-Aug
ht-10g default 4 24-Aug
largemem-10g default 4 24-Aug
interactive-10g default 3 24-Aug
par-gpu gpu 32 25-Aug
hadoop-10g hadoop 3 25-Aug

Things you need to know about job submission during this transition:

  • Once the nodes of the partitions scheduled to be moved  are put in drain state the following things will happen:

o   Currently running jobs will run to completion

o   No new jobs will be launched.

o   Jobs submitted after the partition is in drain state will never launch on the old discovery cluster

  • Once the partition nodes are in drain state, please cancel all your pending jobs and relaunch them on the new discovery.


It is highly advisable that you start familiarizing yourself with the new discovery prior to this migration.