Request Account

To request an account on the Discovery Cluster please fill out the form that can be downloaded here .

For a pdf version of this form click here.

Please note that the email of the sponsor that submits the form must be the same as the email in the form for the sponsor. All Northeastern University Faculty are their own sponsor.

While member and guest accounts are reviewed and generally accepted, special access to the Infiniband (IB) portion of the cluster and its related job queues must be approved by the RCC. Therefore it is in your interest to provide all details in the application form indicating your need for this queue access and how your RDMA aware programs/software will benefit from using the IB backplane. Also provide full details of the type of jobs you plan to run in terms of CPU, MEMORY, STORAGE, I/O and NETWORK utilization if you have these available or a best estimate if you do not have these available.

Make sure you complete the form fully and check the Accept Usage/Guidelines box.

Please submit this form to

If you are not a member of the Northeastern Faculty, Staff or Student community you can get a sponsored account for account login to Discovery Cluster. Fill out the form here to Apply for a Sponsored Account.

To apply for access to the ser-par-10g-5 partition on Discovery Cluster you will need to fill out a separate application – link is below for both word and pdf format.

Submit the completed application to “”. The application will be reviewed by the Research Computing Advisory Committee reviewers, and if approved you will be added to the partition.

To help users an example application fully filled in is also provided – link is below for both word and pdf format.

An example SLURM scaling submit script for reference is also here – click to download.

If you have questions please contact