Do I have a virus?

Popups such as this are one of the most common symptoms of malware. Usually these popups will try to convince you to pay for their “antivirus” software. If you experience this type of popup DO NOT pay or sign up for anything. These programs will pop up without warning in an attempt to scare you into giving them your money and information. If you don’t recognize the program popping up, it is most likely a virus. These programs will often prevent you from running any other programs, giving you warnings that they are infected and can not be opened.

If you are running an antivirus program, such as Symantec Endpoint Protection (provided by the University to all its students), you may experience a series of auto-protect alerts. Take particular note if Symantec reports it was unable to remove these entries. This can mean you have a persistent infection that can’t be cleaned by your antivirus software alone.

If you experience any of these symptoms, DON’T PANIC, and do not attempt to interact with the virus at all. Do not try to fix the virus yourself. The virus may appear to be gone if you do so, but there is still a risk of getting re-infected. Please bring your computer to the ResNet Resource Center in Speare Commons. We have the proper tools and expertise to eliminate the malware from your computer and make sure it doesn’t come back!

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