Connecting to NUwave on Android (newer devices)

The following page explains how you can configure your device running Android to connect to NUwave for wireless internet service. You will need a myNortheastern username and password in order to connect.

Step 1Step 1: Go to “Settings.” Under “Wireless & networks,” select “Wi-Fi.”

Step 2Step 2: Enable Wi-Fi if you have not already done so and select the network labeled “NUwave.”

Step 3Step 3: Set the EAP method to “PEAP” and the Phase 2 authentication to “MSCHAPv2.”

Step 4Step 4: Scroll down, enter your myNortheastern username for the “Identity” field and your myNortheastern password for the “Password” field. Hit “Connect.” If necessary, use the domain “” for the certificate

Step 5Step 5: Once you return to the list of Wi-Fi networks, make sure “Connected” appears under “NUwave.”

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