Configuring HuskyMail on Windows Phone 8.1

Step 1: Your HuskyMail password MUST be changed in order for it to work correctly on your phone. For instructions click here

Step 2: Open “Settings”

Step 3: Select “email+accounts”

Step 4: Select “add an account”

Step 5: Select “Google”

Step 6: Select “connect”

Step 7: Enter your full HuskyMail address under “Address.” The password will be your new password (from step 1, click here if you haven’t yet changed it). Select “Sign in” when you are finished.

Step 8: Enter your myNEU username and your myNEU password. Select “LOGIN” when you are finished.

Step 9: Press “Accept” on the next page.

Step 10: When your new account is done syncing you can select it to change the displayed name to HuskyMail.

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