Configuring Google Drive
Part 1: Installation

For Windows and Mac: Visit and follow the instructions to download.

Part 2: Setup

Step 1: After installation, you will see a Google Drive icon in the bottom right (Windows) or top right (Mac). Click on the symbol and log in with your husky username/password.

Step 2: Google Drive will run through how to use the software, as well as allow you to configure a custom folder location. If you don’t choose a custom location, you drive folder will be location at Users/[your-user-name]/Google Drive.

Step 3: After the configuration, any files or folders you place into the “Google Drive” folder will be available online and on your phone, as well as locally on your computer. To view the status of your Google Drive, click the Drive symbol at the top (Mac) or bottom (Windows) of your computer screen.

Step 4: By visiting and logging in, you will be able to see all the files you have synced within the folder. For best performance, use this folder for items such as school assignments, family pictures, and resumes – things that could not be easily replaced if your computer was lost or broken.

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