Setting up HuskyCable on your TV

The quickest method to set up the channels on your television in the dormitories is to run a channel scan from the menu pane of your television.

First, make sure that you have a coaxial cable plugged into the back of your TV and into the port in the wall. Please note, the length should be no longer than 25 feet for HuskyCable. The shorter the length, the better signal you will have. Here’s an example of what that cable looks like:

With your remote, click the menu button and then search through the options for anything that sounds like Channel Scan or Auto Scan. Once you select it, let the television browse through all the different channels available and when it is finished you should be all set.

Please Note: HuskyCable is sent digitally through the walls (as opposed to analog) to ensure better quality transmissions, but older and cheaper TVs may not be able to read the signal. There are converter boxes that may fix this problem. If you successfully run a channel scan and can still not see all the channels, please call ResNet at 617-373-7967 for assistance troubleshooting the problem.

If you are encountering any issues, give us a call for help at 617-373-7967.

For another way to watch HuskyCable, please check out to watch TV from your laptop. Please see our guide here.

Also, for more help with HuskyCable, click here for FAQs.

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