Installing the Virtual Print Client on your Mac

Step 1: First, log in to myNortheastern and go to “Services & Links”. Search for and select “Software Downloads” under “Study and Course Resources.”

Step 2: Check the Virtual Print Client for Mac OS bubble and hit Continue.

Step 3: If you agree to the terms, click Agree.

Step 4: Hit Continue.

Step 5: Hit Download. If you are not in Safari, your “.dmg” file may not open automatically. Please do so.

Step 6: Click Continue.

Step 7: Click Continue again.

Step 8: Click Install.

Step 9: Enter your computer’s password. If you are not sure if you have a password, you can try to leave it blank and hit OK.

Step 10: Click Close when the installation is done. The printer is now installed!

Step 11: When you go to print a page, select the correct printer for your print job and hit ‘Print’.

Printers beginning with “BW” will print in Black & White; printers beginning with “Color” will print in Color. The dimensions in the printer names reflect the dimensions of the pages they will print. For the majority of documents, we recommend printing to the BW_Letter_8.5×11 printer, as these are the most common around campus.

Please note that each individual printer is programmed for a specific color and paper size setting. If your document does not appear at a print station, you may have sent it to the wrong printer.

Step 12: Now all you need to do is type in your myNEU username and enter a description for the document. This description will help identify which document you want to print when you go to a printing station (i.e. in the library).

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