What is AppCloud?

Appcloud is an application which allows you to access select virtual Northeastern-licensed applications and a virtual Windows 10 desktop from a Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. You can connect from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Note: If you are on a Northeastern-managed computer you must be a Local Admin to install Workspot on your computer.


Users on a Windows computer can download Appcloud at the vendor’s site. Users on Mac machines must download the product via Apple’s app store where it is found as Workspot. Android and iOS users can download the application through their respective App stores. Mac and iOS users will need to use a personal Apple ID to install the application.

NOTE: If you are off campus, you must access Appcloud using the GlobalProtect VPN. See Get Started off campus below.

For a list of applications that are available on Appcloud, see Available Software – Labs, Classrooms and Individual Access.


Get Started on campus

To use Appcloud, you must install the Workspot application from the Appcloud vendor’s website . Select the version that matches your operating system. Following instructions, launch the Workspot application. Windows machines should have a Workspot application on their desktops, whereas Mac machines will find it in their Applications.



When prompted for an email address, students should enter your HuskyMail username and password, while faculty and staff should provide your @northeastern.edu email address. Click Continue and wait for Workspot to provide you with a confirmation code via email.


After receiving your four-digit Activation Code, enter that code in the Workspot window and click the Activate button.



Next, create your custom pass key (longer than 4 digits).

NOTE: This is a local key, unique to your computer.  If you forget this number, you will need to reinstall the Workspot application on your computer to generate a new key.

After you have the application on your device, you can launch it from your computer’s Workspot desktop icon.


Provide the pass key you created during the installation process and you will see the applications available to you either on the opening desktop or by clicking the Appcloud Desktop.


If prompted for a username or domain when connecting to remote resources, enter “nunet\\” followed by your Northeastern University username. Note: do not add @northeastern.edu or @husky.neu.edu.

Files can be saved or printed from an Appcloud application. See How To: Save or print a file when using Appcloud for details.


Get Started off campus

Download the Appcloud software as you would on campus.

If you are not on a Northeastern network, you must access applications on Appcloud via the VPN. (View the directions on how to connect to the VPN.)  Use of the VPN requires authentication using DUO two-factor authentication. (View the directions for enrolling in DUO, the two-factor authentication application.) Log in to Appcloud using your Northeastern email address when prompted. Following configuration of DUO two-factor authentication and successfully accessing the VPN, you may follow the directions above for installing and configuring Appcloud.

Files can be saved or printed from an Appcloud application just as you save or print from any application you use on your device. See How To: Save or print a file when using Appcloud.



If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email help@northeastern.edu or initiate a chat session.



Appcloud – FAQs


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