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As of September 2017, the Registrar’s Office has more than 250 classrooms on campus with technology that Information Technology Services maintains and supports.

ITS and the Registrar’s Office have standardized and classified these classrooms into five types based on capacity, and physical and technical configuration: Classroom Types.

For detailed information on what technology is available in individual rooms across campus, along with pictures and additional information, please visit the View the Classroom site. You will need to log in with your myNortheastern credentials to view information on specific classrooms.

Commonly used software is pre-loaded onto the Northeastern-managed Windows computers available in most classrooms. To see exactly what you have access to, look under the “Classrooms” column in this Available Software chart.


The Registrar’s Office holds primary control of classrooms on the Boston main campus. See their Class/Room Scheduling Forms page for details and contact information. Some classrooms are available for after-hours scheduling using Northeastern University Space Scheduling Online (NUSSO), which can be accessed through myNortheastern and at https://nuevents.neu.edu/.

Get Started

Currently the Registrar’s Office process for classroom assignment is based on capacity. If a special request is not made for technology, the classrooms will be assigned based on best fit.

At this time, all rooms have a display device, along with video and audio cables for a laptop computer.

If your class requires additional technology, contact the Registrar’s Office. To determine what additional technology is available, check the Classroom Types page for general information and the View the Classroom site for specifics by room.

NOTE: The Registrar’s Office cannot guarantee placement in a classroom with the technology you are requesting.


For more information on support for classroom technology, visit the classroom technology support page. If you have any questions or need help, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email help@northeastern.edu or initiate a chat session.

Please direct all scheduling questions or issues to the Registrar’s Office at scheduling@northeastern.edu.


Classroom Technology – FAQs

How To

How To: Use the technology in a Type1.5 classroom (PDF)

How To: Use the technology in a Type 2 classroom (PDF)

How To: Use the technology in a Type 2DV classroom (PDF)

How To: Use the technology in a Type 3 classroom (PDF)