Each Northeastern student is provided with an @husky.neu.edu email address, called HuskyMail, and access to G-apps, a suite of Google services. HuskyMail is used as the university’s official means of communicating with students, so check it frequently for important updates and correspondence.

Northeastern, in collaboration with Google, also provides G-apps, which includes:

  • HuskyMail
  • Calendar
  • Access to Northeastern’s directory with contact information for students, faculty and staff
  • Google Drive (cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing with Google Docs)
  • Desktop and mobile access
  • Easy accessibility through the myNortheastern portal
  • Unlimited storage
  • Support for email forwarding
  • IMAP/POP support for mobile devices



Upon acceptance, each admitted student is provided with a HuskyMail email account.

Graduate/School of Law/CPS

Upon becoming an active enrolled student, each student is provided with a HuskyMail email account.

Alumni and Withdrawn Students

Alumni graduating 2013-present retain access to HuskyMail and G-apps after graduation unless you request to remove the service. Alumni who graduated before 2013 are eligible to sign up for your permanent @alumni.northeastern.edu email forwarding account. Visit the Alumni Online Community (HuskyNet) to sign up.

Students who withdraw from the university have access to HuskyMail and G-apps until the one-year anniversary of your withdrawal date.

Get Started

Once you have claimed your myNortheastern account, you can access HuskyMail and G-apps by logging into the myNortheastern portal and clicking on the Mail section on the Home page.

If you would like to access your account through direct means, such as through IMAP, POP, or SMTP servers; mobile services; or other features such as Google Calendar Sync, you will need to establish your Google Password. Your Google Password is a password stored by Google to provide external access. NOTE: This password cannot be the same as your myNortheastern password.

If at any point in the future you need to change your password, follow the directions in How To: Establish, change or reset your Google password to access HuskyMail. You may need to log in to the Knowledge Base to view the article.


For assistance with Google services, see the Google Help Center. The site is a resource for questions and is updated often. The Google Apps Help Forum also provides access to current conversations about known issues and an overview of most commonly asked questions and answers.

Many support questions are covered in the FAQs for this service. For detailed, specific or technical email help questions, visit the ITS Knowledge Base.

You may also contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email help@northeastern.edu or initiate a chat session if you have questions regarding your account.


Student Email, Calendar and Documents (HuskyMail and G-apps) – FAQs

How To

How To: Use an External Mail Client to access HuskyMail

How To: Forward HuskyMail

How To: Establish, change or reset your Google password to access HuskyMail