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As smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives, ITS strives to ensure enterprise systems and software remain compatible with the popular devices and operating systems. Below we have provided tips and tricks that you may find helpful during your time here at Northeastern.


All students, faculty and staff have the ability to access certain Northeastern systems, such as email and wireless networks, through personal mobile devices. Additionally there are many helpful applications where Northeastern resources may be accessed directly instead of through a browser.

Northeastern-owned devices

The Northeastern University Policy on Mobile Devices [PDF] outlines eligibility for a university-owned device and includes information on device replacement and upgrades, device disposal/recycling/reassignment, international use, and security requirements. The Procedure Supporting the Cellular Telephone and Mobile Device Policy [PDF] provides additional supporting information.

Each division’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) representative decides whether employees are qualified to receive either a university-owned device or a communication reimbursement (reimbursement is by exception only). The full qualification criteria is outlined in the Policy on Mobile Devices [PDF]. Questions about eligibility for receiving a university-owned device or a communications reimbursement should be directed toward your supervisor. With supervisory approval, the Division Device Manager (DDM) can offer local technical assistance for your unit. A list of DDMs can be found on SharePoint. Your DDM will also be able to assist you with acquiring a university-owned device.

Pre-qualified mobile device and operating system (OS) matrix for 2015-2016:

This matrix should inform new/upgrade device decisions only. It does not justify a premature device upgrade before the end of a device’s expected useful life.


OS Recommended Manufacturers/Models Minimum OS Version Recommended OS Version (where available) ITS Tested
iOS Apple iPhone 5S or newer iOS 7 iOS 8 Yes
Android Motorola Moto G, HTC One, Samsung S6,
Samsung Note 4, LG G4
Android 4.x (KitKat) Android 5.x (Lollipop) Yes
Windows Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 8 Yes
BlackBerry OS BlackBerry Classic, Leap, Z30 BlackBerry OS 10  BlackBerry OS 10 Yes


OS Recommended Manufacturers/Models Minimum OS Version Recommended OS Version (where available) ITS Tested
iOS Apple iPad 2 (2nd generation) or newer iOS 7 iOS 8 Yes
Android Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 4.x (KitKat) Android 5.x (Lollipop) No
Windows Microsoft Surface Pro (2 or higher) Windows 8 64-bit Windows 8 64-bit Yes


  • “Minimum OS Version” is expressed in terms of device operating system. ITS always recommends upgrading your device to the latest OS version supported by the vendor, particularly for older devices that do not appear on this list.
  • Models listed as “ITS Tested” have been validated by ITS for use at Northeastern University, including full support for  integration of enterprise services such as email, wireless (NUwave), and virtual private network (VPN). Please see the SUPPORT section below for additional details.
  • Refer to the Policy on Mobile Devices [PDF] for additional information, including security and encryption, as well as the procedure for device recycling.

Personally-owned devices

Students may use iOS or Android personal mobile devices they own to connect to Northeastern resources. Discounts are not available.

Employee discounts are available to faculty and staff purchasing personal mobile devices or tables.

Get Started

Information for accessing Northeastern systems through your personal mobile device can be found in the How To section below.


Due to the variety of existing devices and operating systems, ITS support for wireless devices is limited. Please see the pre-qualified mobile device and operating system (OS) matrix for minimum operating systems recommendations.

Support includes verifying wireless network connectivity and wireless access point functionality, assistance to connect to Office 365 or HuskyMail email, and assistance with security certificate acceptance. The ITS Service Desk will always try its best to be of assistance with issues that may arise, even if it is an issue that is not fully supported. For all other technical support, such as difficulty making calls or setting up voice mail, please contact the carrier or manufacturer.

For additional information on security requirements, and Northeastern-owned device recycling/disposal, please refer to the Policy on Mobile Devices.

Helpful Apps

How To

Mobile Devices – How To