Faculty and staff members may request centralized network file storage on a common, network-accessible server for their college, department or group. Each storage area has a designated administrator who determines the level of access for members of their group. Once access is granted, group members may access their networked file share from any computer on campus, or from off-campus through the virtual private network (VPN) remote access. This server location has also been referred to as the Q: drive.


Faculty and staff members of academic and administrative units, as well as research groups and committees, can request file storage space with full administrative control by submitting a Departmental Network Share Storage request through the ServiceNow portal (sign-in may be required). Please note that depending on your needs, there may be fees associated with this service.

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After an administrator obtains access, the administrator may add members of their department that require access to the folder to either a “Read” group or “RW” (read-write) group. Members added to the folder’s “Read” group will have permission to read files and subfolders from the parent folder. Members added to the “RW” group will have the ability to read and edit files and subfolders from the parent folder. Each folder’s designated Share Administrator may revoke access to these shared folders. The ITS Service Desk also has the ability to make these changes if you contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email help@northeastern.edu or initiate a chat session.

Once the administrator has granted access to the folder, group members may access that folder:

  • on a Northeastern-managed computer at login when on the NUnet or NUwave networks, or remotely connected through the VPN.
  • on non-managed or personal computer by mapping the network drive while connected through the VPN.


Network Shared Storage – FAQs

How To

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