Network Services provides the infrastructure and support services that enable faculty, staff and students to connect their devices to other devices on a given network and to the Internet. Access to each network is provided based on your role within the Northeastern community. You may have access to one or more networks on campus.

Networks include:

  • NUnet – The redundant, high-bandwidth, high-availability wired network available in academic and administrative buildings on all campuses, as well as research facilities.
  • NUwave – The university’s secure wireless network providing intranet and Internet connectivity for anyone with a myNortheastern username and password.
  • eduroam – The secure, worldwide roaming wireless access service used by the international research and education community. This reciprocal global authentication system is available to Northeastern students, faculty and staff as well as individuals coming from any of the over 5,000 participating locations.
  • NUwave-guest – The university’s wireless network providing limited Internet connectivity for guests visiting Northeastern. This network is not secure.
  • ResNet – The redundant, high-bandwidth, high-availability wired network in Northeastern residence halls. Students are required to register annually to use the network.
  • NURes-device – The wireless device network in Northeastern residence halls specifically intended for devices that do not support 802.1x and are not able to connect to NUwave. This network is not secure.
  • Remote Access Service (VPN) – Students, faculty and staff may securely access NUnet and campus resources by connecting a remote computer through our virtual private network (VPN).

Other than NUwave-guest and ResNet, Northeastern networks and network services provide access to Northeastern-licensed applications, network shared drives, and network printers based on your role in the Northeastern community.

Other network services available from ITS:

  • DNS Services
  • IP Address Services
  • Network Port Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Network Design and Structured Cabling Services

DNS Services: DNS, Domain Name System, is a set of standards governing how computers exchange data. The basic function of a DNS server is to turn a user-friendly domain name, such as, into an IP (Internet Protocol) address that computers use to identify each other. Network Services DNS Services provide registration of qualified domain names consisting of for computer and servers affiliated with Northeastern University to represent Northeastern’s presence on the Internet. If you are creating a new website or need a domain name associated with Northeastern, submit a “DNS Services” request through the IT Help & Services ServiceNow portal.

IP Address Services: The IP Address Services provide faculty, staff and students with unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to computers, servers, game devices and printers. This allows the devices to identify and communicate with each other on an intranet/Internet network. These IP addresses are provided by a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server and change periodically. If you need a consistent point of contact, you will need to reserve an IP address by submitting a “Fixed Address – DHCP” request through the IT Help & Services ServiceNow portal.

Network Port Moves, Adds and Changes: Faculty, staff and students can request that NUnet Quads (connection plates), ResNet Quads (residential hall connection plates) or HuskyCable network ports be moved, added or changed. Our wired networks provide high-bandwidth and high-availability connections to computing resources across campus, and network ports are required for those wired connections. To request the addition, removal or relocation of any network connection, submit a “Network, Moves, Adds and Changes” request through the IT Help & Services ServiceNow portal. There is no charge for individual department requests for this service. However, ITS will charge for this service when it is a part of any renovation or construction project.

Network Design and Structured Cabling Services: ITS can consult with you to translate business needs into technical requirements for network components and networking designs. Consultation also may include analysis of the need for non-standard networks, or the design of cabling solutions to enable the transport of voice, data, and video over copper and fiber optic media for construction projects or other renovations. Submit a “General Request” through the IT Help & Services ServiceNow portal