NURes-device is the unsecured wireless network in university-owned residence halls that is specifically in place for certain types of devices. It provides wireless Internet access for devices that do not support 802.1x, such as Xbox, Roku and more, and so cannot connect to NUwaveIt is not intended for, nor will it support, any higher-level device, laptop or computer. Students must annually register with ResNet each device they wish to use. Details about what devices are supported are below.


NURes-device is available within university-owned residence halls to students who live in those buildings. Students may also wish to connect their devices to ResNet, which provides secure, wired access. Below are lists of known compatibility with NURes-device, based on student interaction.

Please note that NURes-device is not secure, and it does not support 802.1x devices, or laptops or computers. ITS does not support wireless printing on NURes-device or NUwave.

Devices that work on NURes-device:

  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Apple TV
  • Roku 1/2/3 or newer – A Roku 3 cannot be simultaneously registered on ResNet
  • Chromebook – DHCP must be disabled
  • Most Kindles – Kindle Paperwhite requires that DHCP be disabled
  • Most smart TVs – Amazon Fire TVs; Vizio Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Nintendo Switch
  • X-box

Devices that do not work 100% (sometimes, but not always):

  • Wii U – Known games that do not work include Smash Brothers, and Mario Kart
  • 3DS – Known games that do not work include Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and Pokemon Y
  • PSP
  • PSP Vita
  • Amazon Echo – does not control other wi-fi devices on the same network
  • Google Home – does not control other wi-fi devices on the same network

Devices that do NOT work on NURes-device:

  • Wireless Speakers (only Bluetooth connections work)
  • Chromecast
  • Wii
  • Smart Lights


To register and manage your device(s) for use on the NURes-device network, visit our device registration page. You will need to provide the following information to register your device:

  • Your name
  • HuskyMail address
  • Building/Room/Phone #
  • Type of Device to Be Registered
  • Wireless MAC address/Photo or screenshot of the device’s wireless MAC address

Note: Phones and laptop cannot connect to NURes-device. The NUres-device network is for devices that cannot connect to NUwave.


If you have a question about or need assistance connecting to NURes-device, visit the ResNet website or the ResNet Resource Center at 4 Speare Commons during posted hours, or contact them at For 24/7 questions or issues with NURes-device or NUwave, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email or initiate a chat session.


NURes-device – FAQs


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