Information Technology Services provides high-end research computing resources to all users at Northeastern University, including faculty, students, staff, researchers, visiting scholars and partners. These resources include centralized high performance computing (HPC) clusters and storage, visualization, software, high-level technical and scientific user support, and education and training.

  • Researchers can leverage these resources for both HPC and non-HPC research computing use, development, and funding requirements.
  • Departments hiring researchers are also urged to contact Information Technology Services at during the hiring process to better meet the computing needs of the researcher.
  • Connectivity to HPC resources is provided by Internet2, a high-speed, high-bandwidth, high-availability service dedicated to meet the individual and collaborative needs of the research community.


High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing is the aggregation of computing power to solve computationally complex problems that are too large or would take too long on a standalone or desktop computer.

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC), both the facility and a consortium of business and educational institutions, supports high performance computing research with high speed, high performance research data processing using a wide range of software packages and compliers. High Performance computing at Northeastern is available to researchers in the Discovery Cluster, housed in the MGHPCC.

There are three support options:

  • Shared System – The shared option allows all researchers access to the Discovery cluster and attached storage through fair-share job scheduling.
  • Buy-In – The buy-in option provides computer cycles through a preferential queue commensurate with the researcher’s incremental investment.
  • Dedicated – The dedicated option allows for equipment purchased by the researcher to be hosted and maintained centrally by Northeastern for use only by the researcher and designees.



High-speed, high-performance research data processing accounts are available to faculty, staff and sponsored students. To request an account on the Discovery Cluster, visit the Research Computing page, and click on “Submit a Request.” Next, click on “Research Computing Access Request.”

If you are not a member of the Northeastern faculty, staff or student community, you can get a Sponsored Account for account login to Discovery Cluster.



For more information visit the Research Computing website.

Information about the MGHPCC is on the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center website.

For assistance and information on research management, including the ePAWS system, please visit the Northeastern Office of Research Administration and Finance.

Need ITS Help?

Visit the “Get Help” page to find out when, where, and how you can attain support for all of your technology-related needs.