Academic Technology Services (ATS) provides many tools and resources to help you ensure accessibility. Classroom content and interactions should be able to be experienced by all of your students regardless of physical or learning differences.

    ATS accessibility tools and resources provide multimedia content and technology-enriched interactions in your classroom, including:

    • Using Tegrity lecture capture
    • Captioning your recorded lectures and other media
    • Using VoiceThread which includes text, voice or video for discussions
    • Attending a recorded version of the ATS accessibility workshop


    For training and in-depth consultation for these services, for individualized projects support, and for support for academic technologies in the classroom, please contact

    In addition to technology-related tools for accessibility support, ATS has partnered with We Care to help instructors support students that may have difficulty in their first weeks of class due to illness, injury or crisis. For more information on WeCare, please see Northeastern University’s WeCare information page.


    Need ITS Help?

    Visit the “Get Help” page to find out when, where, and how you can attain support for all of your technology-related needs.

    Academic Technology Services provides technical support and consultation for Blackboard, Web Conferencing, Lecture Capture, Clickers, Learning Object Creation, and other academic technologies.