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The Help & Information Desk, located on the first floor of the Snell Library, provides faculty, staff and students with media equipment and technical support for group work, classroom instructional activities, and university-related functions and events. This service is only available on the Boston campus.





Equipment may be checked out by students, faculty and staff from the Help & Information Desk on the first floor of Snell Library. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be checked out during all hours that the Library building is open-24/7 except during intersession or for maintenance. For details, visit the Library’s hours page. Students can borrow only one type of item at one time. Faculty can request multiple items from the Service Catalog in ServiceNow.




Requests must be done in-person and similar to library books, availability may vary and some materials must remain in the building. Students, faculty and staff will need to present a valid Husky ID card when picking up and dropping off equipment at the Help & Information Desk. Equipment is loaned out for a period of 24 hours, and it is checked out using the Library’s management system Alma.


The staff at the Help & Information Desk will be able to assist you and answer all equipment questions. Reservations must be returned by the original borrower. We do not allow others to return equipment on behalf of the borrower.


Regular classroom use/special events


Additionally, faculty and staff may request audio-visual equipment that is to be used for regular classroom use or for special events.To request an addition type of equipment, or media or technical support with installed equipment in a classroom, log in to the ServiceNow portal and submit a Audio-Visual Equipment Request. Your equipment will be scheduled only after your service request is completed and verified. The demand for equipment increases at the start of every term. Please plan ahead and request equipment at least two business days in advance. Equipment is available available on a first-come, first-served basis.


NOTE: Turning Point clickers are available from Academic Technology Services. Email: ats@northeastern.edu.




The following may be available for checkout:


Item Replacement Cost Daily Late Fee
Camcorders $500 $5
CoLab Kits (VGA and HDMI cable, TV remote) $50 $5
DMC Kits (VGA and HDMI cable, TV remote) $50 $5
Hover Cams $500 $5
iLocks $500 $5
iPhone 4 to VGA (30-pin) $50 $5
iPhone 5+ (Lightning) to VGA $50 $5
Laptop Bags $50 $5
Laptops (Windows and Mac) $1,500 $20
Mac Chargers – MagSafe 2 (new) $100 $5
Mac Chargers – MagSafe (old) $100 $5
Mac Ethernet Adapters $50 $5
Mac HDMI Adapters $50 $5
Mac VGA Adapters $50 $5
Microsoft Surface Studio Kit (Pen, Mouse, Dial) $1,500 $20
Microsoft Surface Studio Keyboard $100 $5
PC Chargers $100 $5
Portable PA $1,000 $20
Projectors $1,000 $20
TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator $100 $5
Tripod Stands $100 $5
USB Microphone $50 $5
USB Presenters $50 $5
USB Superdrive $500 $5
USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter $100 $5
Voice Recorder $100 $5
Wacom Tablet $100 $5


Items cannot be renewed. Customers may log into their library account to view the due date for checked out items.




ITS reserves the right to block your library account for excessive fines or failure to return equipment needed by other borrowers. Borrowers are financially liable for late, lost/stolen or damaged equipment.




Overdue items: Items returned after the 24 hour loan period are subject to the daily late fee (see above chart). The late fee is assessed the second the item is due and again at 12 a.m. every day the item is not returned. All items are individually bar-coded and will continue to be marked as overdue or lost until they are returned. An email notification will be sent once the item is past due, and follow-up emails will be sent each day that the item is not returned.


Lost items: If the item is not returned for 7 days, students will be billed for the replacement cost for the item. An email notification will be sent telling the student the item has been marked as lost. Lost items can’t be accepted after 6 months. If you find and return the item, the replacement price and processing fee will be cancelled, however you will still be charged for any overdue fines.  Borrowers are responsible for equipment whether it is lost or stolen.


Damaged items: Students will be billed for any equipment damage, up to, and including, the replacement cost of the items as indicated in the chart above.


Students are billed for fines and fees through the Student Accounts Office, via the Library’s management system Alma. The balance on student library accounts transfers weekly, so check your student account for the most recent bills for library items. All disputes are handled by ITS Customer Service.




ITS reserves the right to block your library account for excessive fines or failure to return equipment needed by other borrowers. If you have over $1,000 of outstanding items (overdue or lost) checked out, a block will be put on your library account. You will not be able to checkout any additional materials, whether library books or ITS equipment. Faculty and staff are subject to the replacement fee for lost or damaged items.




For assistance with the equipment checkout, contact an ITS staff member at the Help & Information Desk on the first floor of Snell Library, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), email help@northeastern.edu or initiate a chat session




Equipment Checkout – FAQs