Information Technology Services (ITS) provides desktop voice communication services to the faculty and staff using traditional analog and digital landline office telephones.

The system provides basic and enhanced features–such as three-way conferencing, call forwarding, voice mail and 4-digit dialing–which are delivered via analog and ISDN lines. You may request various dialing access levels for your office landline phones: campus restricted, local, long distance and international dialing.

Faculty and staff may request telephone service through the ServiceNow portal,  or by contacting the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP), emailing or initiating a chat session. You can find information on the telephone services available for faculty and staff in the user guides below.

Get Started

Place telephone line, instrument or service requests online under “Telephone” in the Communications Requests section of the ServiceNow portal (sign-in may be required).

  • Telephone Line Request – To request a new telephone line, or deactivate or move an existing line.
  • Telephone Equipment Request – To request a new desktop or wall-mounted instrument.
  • Voice Mail Request – To add, change, delete or reset the voice mail on your telephone.
  • Telephone Feature Request – To add or change of features  on an existing phone.


Telephone Line Costs: There is a monthly reoccurring phone line charge for office phones depending on the type of line and Level of Service (LOS).

  • Basic Line (Boston-main campus only) – $17.00/month
  • Standard Line, including voice mail – $38/month
  • ISDN multi-line, including voice mail – $40/month

Telephone Equipment Costs: There is a one-time charge for a telephone instrument.

  • Single-line phone set, with display and speakerphone – $175
  • Single-line wall mount phone – $50
  • Multi-line phone set, with display and speakerphone – $650 (custom designed and installed)

There are also accessories available for purchase:

  • Adapters – $6
  • Line Cord – $6
  • Line Cord Connector – $6
  • Handset Coil Cord – $6
  • 9316 Transformer Replacement – $25.00 (provides power to single-line sets)

NOTE: Prices are subject to change as vendor costs change.


With questions, issues, or for service at other campuses not listed, please contact the ITS Service Desk at x4357 (xHELP), or email