The Digital University: Our Technology Transformation

To remove the physical, geographic, and cultural boundaries of traditional institutions, a university must thread technological enhancements throughout the community experience—and Northeastern is marrying modernization with long-term strategy to expand experiential learning across a global network.

In key steps toward tech-driven teaching, learning, and research, our vision for lifting legacy systems will advance success within each department and discipline.


Research Computing

Everyone can be an innovator—that’s why Northeastern provides high-end research computing resources to all community members. Centralized, high-performance computing clusters paired with storage, visualization, software, and other capabilities enable campus-wide learners to unleash their potential.

Teaching and Learning

Next-Gen Learning Environment

Technology permeates our surroundings—and Northeastern ensures it’s done in a way that enriches every community member’s university experience. From learning management systems to teaching-and-research solutions, the educational experience is intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive.


The digital academy concept is a reality thanks to partnerships between academia and technology—and SAIL perfectly illustrates how these partnerships bring innovation to life. Based on unique scientific pedagogy, Self-Authored Integrated Learning digitally enhances Northeastern’s core education philosophies.

Information Security and Access


Protecting personal and institutional information ensures our community members are getting the most out of learning—while we accelerate safe digitization on all five campuses and beyond.

Two-factor authentication is one of the easiest ways members can help secure data, intellectual property, and systems, as ongoing efforts are made to safeguard our community.

Data Management

Students, faculty, and staff pursue lifelong learning at Northeastern—and every breakthrough generates a new wealth of data. Northeastern is implementing processes to maintain and govern all the information a Digital University can—and will—proliferate. To keep up, our teams are ready to manage data to scale.

Identity Management

Northeastern community members discover knowledge by exploring the university resources that lead to innovation. By request from learners, our teams authorize access to applications and software so students, faculty, and staff can leverage the appropriate digital tools that inspire new ideas.

Digital Workplace

Creating a Cloud Center of Excellence

Technology should be flexible when it serves an active community of learners. From our rollout of AWS to more upcoming implementations, Northeastern’s cloud-based future looks bright with online access to services and greater resources for innovation—minus the need for old infrastructure maintenance.

Digital Governance

Northeastern empowers its community members to find their own voice. Through a governance model that assures accessibility, security, and branding needs, our campus partners will collaborate on website creation to ensure the university’s digital footprint is safe, secure, and inclusive. 

Office 365

Microsoft Office remains prominent in fueling success, both in professional and academic spaces. The university is bringing it online with cloud-based Office 365 and its features—including SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Excel Online, and more—for proof that technology is not a barrier to achievement.  

Unified Communications

The Digital University personalizes how community members collaborate through powerful networks of communication. Northeastern is committed to progressing how information gets exchanged with chat, file sharing, videoconferencing, and real-time project management featuresso success is realized as a team.