Lynda Online is a robust learning library available to the Northeastern community at and through the Lynda mobile app. Many of you are already taking advantage of the 1,000s of free videos and courses that it provides.

Here are the top courses that you and others at Northeastern viewed during the fall semester. See how many of these you may have completed or that you could use to enhance your skillset.



Microsoft Project is a powerful tool used by those in the project management field. If you’re looking to master the skills for leveraging this software on co-op or elsewhere, this course is the place to go. While Northeastern doesn’t offer the full version of Project, Project Online is now available to faculty, students, and staff as part of their Office 365 experience.


Tableau is a widely used data analytics and visualization tool that is used by the Northeastern community for sharing data and other information. The latest offering of this data science solution, Tableau Desktop, is now available for use by faculty, students, and staff in labs and classrooms.


The Northeastern community is clearly looking to better understand how Excel can help with statistical operations. Fortunately, it can! In this course, the instructor goes over how statistical analysis can be applied using Excel’s functions, calculations and charts.


Following the statistics theme is the course in the number two slot. In this beginner course, the instructor leads you through an introduction to basic statistical concepts. Afterwards, if you’re looking for further opportunities to grow your knowledge of statistics, intermediate and advanced courses are available.


The most-watched Lynda course last semester was this basic introduction to Microsoft’s Excel 2016. While Northeastern currently offers an updated version of the software, which faculty, staff, and students can use online or download from their Office 365 portal, this course is a solid starting point for familiarizing yourself with the common features of this popular software. For more bite-sized Excel know-how, follow the weekly tips playlist. Or to test out your mastery of Excel, take the 5-Day Excel Challenge.