Windows 10 Update


Good news! Windows 10 is now ready for use on Northeastern-managed or Northeastern-owned but un-managed faculty and staff computers. It is also available for students to download and install on their own computers.

This new version of Windows runs faster and is more secure than previous versions. It’s flexible, adaptable and customizable. The simple interface easily crosses from computer to tablet to phone to touchscreen. It brings back the beloved Start button and Start menu from Windows 7.

Windows 10 Enterprise will be the preferred operating system for installation on any new Dell standard computer purchased from my MarketPlace or the Dell Premier Store. It also will be available for faculty and staff. If you would like to have it installed on an existing Northeastern-owned computer, submit a ServiceNow request to have your computer re-imaged or to request a copy for local installation on a non-managed computer.

Windows 10 for Education is also available for installation on your personal machines. Log in to myNEU and select Microsoft Applications under the Free and Discounted Software link. You will be charged a nominal fee for home use, while students can download the software at no additional charge.

Windows 10 is a whole new service model for Microsoft – instead of big releases, there will be regular improvements, updates and fixes that ITS will be able to roll out to you more quickly than before. Enterprises like Northeastern, will receive those same updates and be able to install them in a more controlled fashion within the university community. This will help ensure that you have the most recent safe and secure versions to work efficiently, effectively and compute safely without you having to do anything.

Other features to check out include:

  • Action Center: Consolidated and quick access to settings, devices and alerts
  • Virtual Desktops: Task view shows multiple windows/applications running at the same time
  • Edge: A fast browser with webpage annotation and reading mode (ad-free surfing)
  • Cortana: A voice-controlled digital voice assistant that operates much like Siri (optional)

ITS has tested Windows 10 successfully with all of Northeastern’s standard, generally-released software. If you use department-specific or any special applications, contact the ITS Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (x HELP) or

ITS will continue to support Windows 7 as a standard operating configuration through 2017-2018 if you do not want to upgrade your operating system now.

Training for Windows 10 is available on and from Microsoft at

NOTE: Upgrading without taking proper steps will wipe all data and settings from your computer. You should back up any necessary files and data before requesting to be reimaged. For information on selecting a back-up storage medium and the process of reimaging your computer, visit the ITS Knowledge base.

Updated October 2017