Since last April, two-factor authentication (2FA) enrollment has become required for university community members through several waves of enrollment—and it only took one to see results. These waves are now complete, and the Northeastern community is considerably more secure with 2FA.

To thank Northeastern students for rounding out a successful series of rollouts, here are tips on how to maximize 2FA and its benefits in the Duo Mobile app:

The “Remember Me for 30 Days” Feature

Selecting this prompt provides access to your account without the need to verify every single login for an entire 30-day period—making online protection simple. Learn more about how to make this feature work for you.

Authenticate with Ease

Authenticating your account through the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone is an easy way to keep data safe. After logging into a protected service with your username and password, choosing Duo Push on the authentication prompt—then tapping “Approve” on the push notification—quickly verifies your identity.

Even better: You don’t need cell service to verify with Duo Mobile, which is handy while traveling or abroad.

Register More than One Device

For those moments when your smartphone isn’t an option, it’s best to register other devices. By signing into the 2FA Device Management Portal, you can register your tablet or landline phone by selecting “+ Add another device.”

Use Passcodes in Case of Emergency

Keeping a list of passcodes is a handy way to ensure access to your accounts when your registered devices aren’t on you. Before you find yourself in that scenario, use your device to select the account you’ll need to access, then select the “Enter a passcode” button to be directed to the “Text me new codes” option. The Duo Mobile app can generate this list of 10 codes, or you can log into and request to have them texted to you.

Once you have them, write them down for safekeeping. Your future self will thank you for being prepared!

To properly use this list of passcodes, you must use them in the order provided. Please note they are for one-time use, and if you have 2FA set to automatically verify through push notification, call, or text, you won’t have the option for passcodes unless you cancel out of that option.

A Winning Duo

With so many headlines each day about the dangers of phishing, it’s refreshing to see that less than a year’s time with 2FA has greatly enhanced the online safety of the Northeastern community. With these results, and the technologies that make them possible, members of the Digital University can breathe a sigh of relief as they continue to forge their pathways to discovery.